Iago Aspas Collage
Iago Aspas Collage. Sports illustration.
Iago Aspas. A football killer.

This is another way to make a sports illustration. As a football (soccer) fan, I love making illustrations of players and people around this amazing sport. I am not a Celta de Vigo supporter but I think Iago Aspas is a great footballer. And I love good players as much as good teams. He puts the difference in almost every game. This is why I wanted to make this digital collage. I though about the player, his way to fight in every match and his character. I made this using only Procreate for iPad. Here you have the final result and a short video of the process.

As you can see in the time-lapse video, I start working with a few ideas on my mind and I start to play with them. I try to put them together and see the results. If I’m not satisfied with what I see, I keep playing or even start from zero again. Many times I have a piece of paper and I start to make some sketches or drawings until I see something good. Time runs but you have to do your best! A sports illustration is like any other, you must work hard!



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