Collage. The New "LaLiga".

Being a professional illustrator is so funny! You have to be creative and imaginative at every moment. And you need to focus your skills in both traditional and digital scopes. And the collage is an example. You can make it with digital tools, in a traditional way (cut and paste with papers, magazines,…) and mixing both.

During this summer I’ve been taking a training course with the magnificent Spanish illustrator Sr. García trough the website Domestika. Sr. García is one of the best collage artist I’ve ever met. His style is particular, with tons of irony and fun and a touch of vintage style.

In this training course, I had to create some illustrations using traditional methods of collage. So I got a lot of old magazines and books. There I found a lot of pictures and interesting material to create these illustrations. The next step was to create some pieces following the guidelines of Sr. García. He proposed some headlines using certain images. Here is the result:

Keyword: La nueva liga (The new football league)

Collage. The New "LaLiga".
First idea: La nueva liga
Collage. The New "LaLiga".
Second idea: La nueva liga

Key image: an airplane. Article: The low-cost companies win in the air.

Collage. Low-Cost Airlines.
The low-cost companies win in the air

Collage based in an article from El País. 1959, el verano de los brasileños (Brazilian’s summer).

Collage. 1959, Brazil's summer.
1959, el verano de los brasileños.

Volume collage (using objects): Parental control.

Collage. Parental Control.
Parental control.


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