Rodrigo Moreno. Watercolor illustration.

Creating football illustrations are one of my favorites things. I really enjoy making these works, I feel comfortable drawing football players and the game itself.

Since many time, I collaborate with a magazine in Valencia. It’s called “The Barraca” and it’s highly recommended for Valencia CF fans. They know everything about the Spanish club and they analyze every aspect of the team: style of play, signings, history and curiosities.

To celebrate the century of the club, they published a special issue and they ask me to create four illustrations of the four best players of the season 2018/2019: The captain Dani Parejo, José Luis Gayà, Rodrigo Moreno and Neto, the goalkeeper. As they gave me total creative freedom, I decided to make two of these illustrations using ink and watercolors and the other two with digital tools (Procreate for iPad). Also they wanted a “sticker style” for this.

Here you have the final artwork for each illustration. As you can see, Rodrigo and Neto are the ones I made with watercolors and ink. I love the irregular color and the small fails even when I worked to correct them with Adobe Photoshop. Football illustrations, as I said at the beginning of the article, are the best to me!

Rodrigo Moreno. Watercolor illustration.
Rodrigo Moreno
Dani Parejo. Digital illustration.
Dani Parejo
Neto. Watercolor illustration.
Neto Murara
Gayà. Digital illustration.
Jose Luis Gayà

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