Fanzine. Page 2

Yes, I am a professional illustrator. This is my work and I love it. And being a professional means being 24/7, completely. This is why I love training courses, seminars and talks. You must be up to date: trends, techniques, software,… My last course was with Don Rogelio J, a local artist in Valencia. The target was to create a fanzine with traditional techniques: papers, scissors, old magazines, ink… Nothing digital.

The professor stressed the importance of not being digital dependent. He said it was important to know how to use a computer (or an iPad) but not being obsessed with that. He gave us a lot of old magazines and ask to us (4 students) to create a story. As a result of this, we use glue, papers, cutouts, ink and many other things but a computer.

This is the story I create, about a man and a woman in a turbulent relationship. This is my four pages fanzine.

Fanzine. Page 1
First page
Fanzine. Page 2
Second page
Fanzine. Page 3
Third page
Fanzine. Page 4
Fourth page

Our professor also recommend to us to make a black and white version, like in the past. Creating a fanzine easy to reproduce with a photocopier. This was the only moment we use digital mediums (I use an iPad). Playing with contrast, colors and so, this is the result:

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