David Silva. Spain. Pencil Illustration.

Do you like football? Do you like illustration? So, what about mixing football and illustration? Yes, football illustration. We all know, if you love this game, the most famous players because there are a lot of photos and videos about them: goals, saves, interviews and so. But sometimes it is nice to show a footballer as you see him (or her).

When you make an illustration you must put your touch, your reference to it, unless you make just a portrait. If you make an illustration of some famous player, it is easy to find a particularity to emphasize. Sometimes is a physical trait, or his or her character, the way they celebrate the goals, a lot of particularities.

To celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Russia last 2018, I decided to make some illustrations. I chose one footballer for each participating country. My choice was random. I watched a lot of photos and videos before my decision.

Another decision about this personal project was to try different techniques: from digital to traditional. I used watercolors, markers, pencils, pen, ink, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. It was a good way to improve my skills because this is the only way to do it: practice a lot. This is the way I made this 32 illustrations. And I am proud of them. Here you have the project:

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