Jabba The Hutt and Mama Fratelli.

During the 2018-2019 season, and after a complicated personal situation, I decided to join the ESAT course “Professional Illustration”. I felt that I needed to grow professionally. I met there many professional illustrators and people like me, wanting to grow professionally. One of these professors was Malota, an incredible person that taught us the techniques of self editing. We learned to make a lot of things focused on illustration but with “non digital” tools. It was amazing, it was like going back when we were kids, with no computers.

One of the projects we made with her was self editing a book. Well, a folding tiny book. It sounds weird but it was fun. We had a premise: size, type of paper and some other things.

My project consisted in a book about bad guys and nice guys of some popular movies and series, it was called “Yin Yang”. In one side, you have the heroes and in the opposite side, in the same place, you have the villains. Now you will see the project but obviously I wont tell you who are the characters. You must guess that, it’s a funny game!

Bad Boys. Inside book. Self editing.
The bad guys
Good Boys. Inside book. Self editing.
The good guys

Now, I can explain how do I made this. At first, when I had the idea for the book, I started to sketch in my notebook. I “googled” a lot of pictures as a reference and then the magic comes. I used each page of the book for a character, so I fit every sketch in that size. The colors and shadows was made with Procreate for iPad. We needed to layout the project with digital tools (that was an exception, because we send all the projects to a printing house), I made it with Adobe InDesign. Finally, I needed to assemble the book and I think it was the most interesting of the process. I bought book cloth, some glue and a piece of paperboard. It looks difficult but it’s very easy!

Here you have all the work process, enjoy!

Some sketches for the book. Self editing.
Some sketches for the book. Self editing.
Good and Bad boys. Final Art. Self editing.

And finally, here you can see the characters more detailed:

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