British Premier league collage
British Premier league collage

If you know me, you have to know I’m a football lover (call it soccer if you want) and also a collage lover. Since a few months, I’m one of the illustrators for the magazine “The Tactical Room“. This monthly magazine is focused in sports and tactics. It’s highly recommended for sports lovers, no matter which one.

For the end of the season 2018/19, they wanted me to make a cover showing the success of English football: Chelsea winning the Europa League, Liverpool winning the UEFA Champions League but also the finalists Tottenham and Arsenal in Europe and Guardiola’s Manchester City winning all in England. A total success for England (despite the Brexit).

So, I proposed to make a digital collage. It sounded weird for them but they accepted. First of all, I sent them this firsts ideas , to probe their reaction:

British Premier league
British Premier league collage

It was shocking for them and I understand their reaction. They said they wanted to highlight all the managers of the five teams. It made sense to me. So I make some changes using this first proposal:

British Premier league collage

They agreed with this last collage but the magazine wanted me to focus in the winners: Guardiola (Premier League), Klopp (Champions League) and Sarri (Europa League). So, the image on the top of the page is the final result.

The work was made using Procreate for iPad. Both are a very powerful tools to me. They allow me to work with comfort and speed. And it’s very easy to be in contact with my client.

And this is how I create a Premier League collage. Do you like this? Please, share!


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