Thomas Shelby: Peaky Blinders illustrations

Not long ago, I heard about a new season of one of my favorites serie: Peaky Blinders. It reminds me a serial illustrations I made as a personal work. There are many characters on the show but I wanted to focus the work on the three Shelby brothers (no spoilers, I promise!). So, Peaky Blinders illustrations are born!

As the serie happens during the ’20s, I wanted to show that feeling in the final art. So, I started looking for photos of these characters to learn about their main features: eyes, costumes, hair, clothes,… Then the next step is sketching. You need to sketch a lot to match the original. Only paper and pencils. The traditional way to illustrate.

Once I had the drawings, I drew them with ink and started to paint with watercolors (not a special brand to me). With this manual techniques you can reach this results: some imperfections, stains,… A Peaky Blinders illustrations must be done with style, don’t you think so?

Finally, to finish the Peaky Blinders illustrations, I choose some textures for the background. Many times I find these at and some other times I made them by my own. Using these textures I aged the illustrations to give them the final touch, they look like vintage postcards.

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