Packaging: using illustrations

Since my student years at Escuelas Raggio (many years ago) I had not done any packaging. Nothing against that, but the circumstances were those during this last years.

During my stay at ESAT one of our professors, Raül Climent, proposed an exercise: create a packaging using illustrations (and obviously some graphic design rules). The product were chips based in the esthetic of the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s. Great challenge!

The rules were simple: using illustrations (of course) and colors that remember that times. After making some research I decided to use three iconic characters from each decade. Some people easy to recognize. I chose Sid Vicious (70’s), Madonna (80’s) and Keith Flint (90’s). I searched for photos to inspire me and to find some poses and expressions to put in the design.

Packaging: using illustrations
Chips&Hits, an illustrated packaging

I started to sketch in the traditional method, as usual for me: pencil and paper (this time I used an A5 notepad). Then I scanned the images to start working on my iPad with Procreate. The next step was to start playing with the colors and textures. It’s very important to choose different colors for each package but at the same time I need to differentiate each of them. At the main image, you can see the result in the mockup. And following, you can see some images of the process. The sketches are very useful to start the final illustrations.

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