Illustrating a poster of the movie Drive (2011)

Not long ago, while zapping (and illustrating), I watched a movie called “Drive“. I was stuck from the first minute. The dialogs, the photography, the characters,… There were a lot of things that caught my attention. So, I decided to make an illustration. Well, not just an illustration but a film poster. Something different. How I would have done it? The best way was to show the main character, Ryan Gosling, on it. And driving, of course.

One of the most characteristic features of Ryan Gosling (to me) is his profile. He is like a “baby face” but his profile is different. So, I needed to make an illustration while he was driving (and I illustrating). A dark color in the background was really important to highlight the character.

For this process, a personal work, I worked with an A4 piece of paper and a pencil (HB). Then I scanned it to keep working in Adobe Illustrator. My intention was to work with clean and flat colors. As an alternative work I tried to work with black indian ink over blue lines, like the classic illustrators. I enjoyed that process too but, for this work, I am more satisfied with the digital result. 

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