Final illustration for El Niño de Elche.

I’m a restless guy. I know. I always want to learn, to meet new things and to set new challenges. That enriches me personally and professionally. For example, one day I told myself: Can you illustrate Flamenco? Yes, it sounds weird but question things is a way to improve. You discover new paths that sometimes lead you to something new and others times they serve you to learn.

One of my favorites courses at Domestika was this with Óscar Giménez. I discovered not only a new technique but a new way to see the portraits. He proposes to add some information to your artwork, not only to make a perfect portrait. You can put a lot of information on it, some metaphors, or a personal critique. You must give to your work a personal touch, It is a great way in it gives you your personal style.

In my final project, I decided to make a portrait of the spanish singer “El Niño de Elche“. I love his music and style, and I decided to make a new portrait with new techniques looking to add info on it. He is a peculiar man, he sings Flamenco but in a special way. You must hear his music. So, I wanted to make an illustration of the character, his music and his point of view. He receives a lot of criticism from the world of flamenco because he breaks the rules and try to make something new and fresh.

To make this illustration, I only used Adobe Photoshop. The first step was to find a good picture of El Niño de Elche and then start playing with elements to find the perfect composition. I put the flamenco hands in the back as a way to reflect the music but at the same time a way to reflect his personal style. Looks weird but it works to me. And also to him! He saw the illustration and he loved it (True story!) I sent him the illustration. So, now I can ask myself: Can you Illustrate Flamenco? And yes, I know the answer…

Here you have two sketches and the final artwork. Enjoy and share!

First Sketch of El Niño de Elche
Work Process. El Niño de Elche.
Final illustration for El Niño de Elche.


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