Fargo illustrated. Lester Nygaard.

One of the best movies ever (to me) is Coen Brother’s Fargo. It is simple but the story itself gets you from the beginning. Dialogs, photography, actors,… all in that movie is like a little piece of art. And all together works flawlessly. Like good (Fargo) illustrations.

When I find out that a serie based in this movie was launched I couldn’t believe it! And I watched that as soon as possible. The result was amazing. It’s the same environment, the humor, the sarcasm, all reminds me to the original movie.

As a result of this, I wanted to make a serie of illustrations based in the serie (the first season, maybe in the future the other two and maybe the movie). I made the illustrations with traditional techniques such as pencils, ink and watercolors. I always say that this methods give to the illustration more originality, more character. They don’t look flat or perfect like in digital. It was a way to reflect the story of the serie, the characters, the chiaroscuro. Nobody is perfect in Fargo, all the people has many contrasts on the serie. And this was my way to show that.

Here you have the Fargo illustrations I made as a personal project.

Fargo illustrated. Lorne Marvo.
Lorne Marvo
Fargo illustrated. Lester Nygaard.
Lester Nygaard
Fargo illustrated. Hank Larson.
Hank Larson
Fargo illustrated. Bill Oswalt.
Bill Oswalt
Fargo illustrated. Molly Solverson.
Molly Solverson
Fargo illustrated. Characters.
Mike Milligan
Fargo illustrated. Bear Gerhardt.
Bear Gerhardt
Fargo illustrated. Peggy Blomquist.
Peggy Blomquist

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