Engraved football player: stamp

Digital tools are good but creating illustrations in the traditional way is better. Engraving football stamps is an example. During my stay at ESAT, one of my professors, Mar Hernández, invited us to make works without using digital tools. She said this is a better way to find unexpected results, without perfection. And she was completely right.

When we started with this project, we felt rare, uncomfortable. This happens when you are addicted to computers (or iPads,…). You must take a piece of paper, a pencil and start to sketch. The idea of this exercise was to create some stamps, made in rubber using the engraving method. So, you must think in the illustration you want before start engraving. Because the tools you need for this technique are not easy to use (at the beginning).

Finally, I made some football players (some shapes, to be honest) in different positions. I move the football ball and replace it with some recognizable logos and started to play with the stamps. Here you have the results:

If you want to create your own stamps, it’s very easy. You just need a rubber plate, a gouge for rubber, stamp pads and different typer of paper. And finally, a desire to play with these tools and a lot of imagination. If you want more info about this, contact me. Thanks!

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