Can you imagine that? I mean, it’s “easy” to make a portrait of a singer or a band, isn’t it? But drawing a song? It remind me one of my artworks. You can “google” and find a lot of photos of your favorite singer, and then have references for a perfect portrait or fan-art.

But, have you ever tried to draw a song or an album. But i’m not talking about the cover of the album. I’m talking about the feelings. Yes, the feelings. What sensations do you feel when you listen to your favorite song or band? Come to your mind some images or colors? Maybe some situations?

One of my favorites songs it’s Pet Shop Boys’s Paninaro. The song was written in 1986. And, of course, it has a story behind. When you create something, you are inspired by something. There is no art without inspiration.

I don’t remember exactly the story behind the song. Wikipedia says:

The song is about the 1980s Italian youth subculture known as the paninari; derived from the word panino, Italian for sandwich, they were known for congregating in restaurants serving sandwiches and in the first US-style fast food restaurants, as well as their preference for designer clothing and 1980s pop music such as the New Romantic music of Italo disco. Neil Tennant has said that they were drawn to the concept due to having shared those preferences.

The process of Drawing a song:

So, with all these information, I started to write words, ideas, concepts,… I wanted to make an illustration inspired in this concept.

Some ideas I had about the song
It’s all written in Spanish, it’s my mother language

Now, I had many ideas in my head. It’s very important to think before you start drawing. Otherwise, you will create something without sense (and also can be very interesting but maybe not in the way you look for). It was time for sketching. In my mind it looked like this:

Drawing a song. The sketch.
This is the first and only sketch. The composition was great for me!

Once I have the sketch, I needed to make it clean and colorful. When you create an illustration (or when drawing a song) it’s very important to pick up the ideal color palette. In my mind I had the 80’s. The colors, the style, the images I remember (I was born in ’77). It wasn’t difficult to combine the colors. And if you want to know more, this was made with Procreate, a cool software for iPad. As a result, here is the final illustration:


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