Collage digital con uno de los personajes de la serie

A few months ago, trying to improve my german, I started watching a german serie called Deutschland 83 and Deutschland 86. The history took place during the 80’s and it has a beautiful esthetic. One of the most interesting parts was the titles, at the beginning of each chapter. So I decided to make a digital collage of the tv show inspired on it (the original credit titles by Saskia Marka are a real piece of art). To make this, I worked with Procreate for iPad and Photoshop. The idea was to work with small pieces to build the digital collage. I played with two of the characters and some iconic pieces of the serie (no spoilers!). The colors are the same in both posters.

I made this work as an exercise for a Master at ESAT Valencia. I worked hand to hand with one of my favorites professor: Julio Blasco. The digital collage was a way to tell a story but without using a single word. It was a hard exercise but once you know the rules is very fun. The images speak for themselves. There is another way to do this, using papers and old magazines (it makes you work harder and you must left your computer aside)

I really recommend this exercise!


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